How It Works for Consignors?

We are often asked by potential clients what the process is for consigning items in our auctions. Below you will find information on the types of auctions we offer and tips for having a successful auction.

We offer two options for online auction services.

  • If you have 50% or more of the contents of a home that are for sale AND you are planning on moving from this home, we could do an onsite, online auction at the home. This simply means that you move, take everything with you that you want to keep, and we would then come in and auction the remaining contents of your home. If this sounds like your scenario, we would come and do a free consultation in the home.
  • If you are simply trying to downsize some of the items in your home or you have the contents in a storage unit that you need to liquidate, simply shoot an email to and include general pictures of the types of items that you would like to liquidate. Upon mutual approval, we will set up a time for your items to be dropped off at our location in Raleigh.
  • We are very upfront and always let our customers know that our services are compensated on a flat commission, which is earned from the money generated by the sale. There are no upfront fees or guaranteed minimums.
  • During our consultation or your item drop-off, we’ll review our contract, so you fully understand everything before you hire us.
  • Your online auction will run on our website,, for seven days. We work very hard to promote your auction in a variety of places online to ensure the most visibility. Included but not limited to our Facebook with 7000 followers and Instagram with 1000 followers, multiple listing sites that market local auctions and estate sales, and we have a very large email list of 5000 past buyers / customers.
  • The bulk of the bidding for any online auction typically comes during the last few hours of the auction. We always consult consignors to not be nervous if the auction you are watching isn't moving very quickly mid-week. A great way to gauge buyer interest is to see how many watchers an item has.
  • Once your auction is complete GC5 Auctions will collect payment from all winning bidders and facilitate auction pick-up on the Tuesday following your auction close. Consignor checks are cut within 5 days of pick up. A detailed statement is available on your consignor portal and will also be mailed with your check.

Tips For Having A Successful Auction

  • We suggest any items that you or the family are planning to keep (items not for sale) be removed from the home prior to our coming out for a consultation. This assures that we can properly evaluate the volume available for sale. If doing this seems daunting, don’t let it stop you from meeting with us. Please just mark the items that the family is planning on keeping with a post-it note or painter's tape. Just something that lets us know that item will not be part of a sale. This assures that we can properly determine if this option is in your family’s best interest.
  • Families often think they are helping by cleaning out the so-called “junk,” but this can be a huge disservice to your sale. The general public buys everything from everyday household items to high-end antiques, and as professional auctioneers, we know the types of items that will maximize the sale’s income. The only things that we recommend to be thrown out are true trash, including food from the refrigerator or freezer, open and out-of-date food items from the pantry, junk mail, and household trash.

What items sell well?

  • Sterling Silver
  • Vintage Coins & Currency
  • Fine & Costume Jewelry
  • Art
  • Vintage Pyrex & Corningware
  • Long Barrel Firearms (Contact us for the types of firearms we are willing to sell)
  • Vintage Clothing & Handbags
  • Collectibles
  • Modern & Antique Furniture
  • Vintage Toys & Games
  • Vintage Rock & Roll Records
  • Vintage Glassware & China
  • New In Box Items