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Raleigh Whole House Online Auction

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Last year we did a sale in a neighborhood and a nice gentleman watched the process from across the street with great interest.  When we spoke, he said he was going to be moving and was bringing nothing but their clothes.  True to his word, they moved and we are pleased to present the contents of this lovely Raleigh home.    We made our best effort to point out any imperfections in the items on this auction.  Please see all pictures and ask any questions that you may have.  All items are sold as is.  This auction will end on Sunday, April 21st, and bidding will start to close at 8 pm and then every 12 seconds until all lots are sold.  Each lot specifies a closing time in advance and will be extended to 90 seconds if someone bids in the last 60 seconds.  

Pick-up will be on Tuesday, April 23rd, from 11-7 pm at the home in off of Creedmoor Rd. in Raleigh.  This is the only access we will have to the home, items not picked up will be forfeited.   There will be a sign-up time required for this pick-up. A link will be provided as well as all parking information will be at the bottom of all winning invoices.  Shipping is available for smaller items.  If you require shipping, please contact us beforehand to confirm that it is shippable.  Shipping is the actual shipping cost plus a $6.00 handling charge.  Please be sure to bring helpers for furniture pieces and boxes and paper for small delicate items.

Feel free to contact with any questions, comments, or concerns.